Don’t Be Intimidated by Google and Internet Marketing: SEO/SEM Works!

I am recalling one of the feelings I had when first starting my SEO company, SEO Innovations, LLC. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated in my early days of SEO work. Google and other major search engines are such big, powerful and prominent tools in today’s world, so I had some moments of doubt regarding my own power as an individual; especially among all the web-based competition out there. How could I work my way into something as big as Google and the internet as a whole, let alone, compete with the millions of others who are so masterful in the field of internet marketing? Such doubts lead me to think that it would take me at least a year to two years to be able to contend with the big guns.

Alas, my doubts were incorrect (thank God)! This is certainly not to say that I didn’t put in considerable hours to learn what I learned. In fact, I’m glad that during start up, I was able to put aside my other full-time work, in order to make sure I had the proper time to learn as much as I could. Still, after only a few months’ time, my website had already made it to page two of a Google search! For those of you not too familiar with SERP (Search Engine Rank/Results Page): From a web-marketing perspective, getting your site up to page two of a Google search means that your site is doing very well. SERP refers to the pages of listed websites that come up on Google, when using Google to search something. Why is page two such a great place to be for a business/organization’s website? Because page two means that you are out-ranking all of your competition on page three through, well, however many thousands of pages there are on the entire world-wide-web for that particular search. As far as the large majority of consumers are concerned, being on page two means that your site actually exists. In other words, being on page two means that you are now visible. In fact, it has been shown statistically, time and again, that the large majority of people using Google do not even bother looking past page two. I know I rarely do.

The lesson to be learned here is not to be doubtful about SEO, as I first was. Though, I do acknowledge that many people do not have the fortunate opportunity I had: to be able to put aside other full time work in order to learn so much about SEO. Also, the nature of my business was SEO itself, so it’s not too surprising that the time I took to learn was then applied directly to my business and my business’ website. Since I know most people don’t have that kind of time to devote to SEO, I strongly encourage anyone with a small to medium sized business to seek SEO services from a company like mine. We know this stuff, and we take all the time in the world to do it. If, one day, I have a business in a different field, I can tell you right now, that since I won’t have the time to devote to SEO, I will hire someone who does. Again, this stuff works. Give it a few months to a year, and with a proper SEO strategy, your business will truly improve in its search rankings.



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