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Randall Fischer, P.A.:

Phone: 772.463.7737- Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Foreclosure Defense, Mediations, Real Estate Law, Wills, Trusts & Estates, and Probates


Donna Redwood-Fischer, Realtor:

Phone: (561)767-5205- Donna Redwood-Fischer, Palm Beach Gardens Homes for Sale; also including Jupiter Homes for Sale, Juno Beach Condos, Tequesta Homes for Sale, Palm City Homes

Check out Donna’s Blog as well:


2 Responses to Friends of the Blog

  1. Mike says:

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    • Danila says:

      Your comment about twteitr being a type of social media, not marketing, is an important point. There is nothing worse than businesses continually advertising products or services with little interest in engaging customers and followers on a more personal level.The comment about ratio of followers to following was also relevant. I rarely follow businesses who follow thousands but are only followed by a few. I usually assume there’s a reason no one wants to follow them.

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