What is SEO?

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For more information on SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or most anything internet marketing related, check out my company’s website: SEOInnovationsLLC.com.

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Writing Good SEO Content

Writing Good SEO Conten

Writing Good SEO Content is still crucial for bringing people/traffic to your website. While video and photos are important to use, they are not the be all/end all.

Just like any other form of marketing, internet marketing places strong emphasis on reaching its target audience. And, as much multimedia as there is online to catch audience attention, the truth is, at the end of the day: “Content is King.” This phrase is used so commonly now in SEO circles, it should become the slogan for SEO itself.

Catchy as it is, the reason “Content is King” is so big is because it means something so true.

Without being able to properly do that thing called writing–that people used to do a lot more of–reaching certain audiences can be impossible. This problem leads to the question, “Well then, what are the different types of audiences are out there, and how am I supposed to reach them?”

Without getting too in depth (so as not to potentially scare away a large audience), I will say this: Most of the people who use the internet, i.e., most audiences, fall rather close to the middle of an important-to-understand spectrum of reader types.

The Important-to-Understand Spectrum of Internet User/Reader Types

On one end of the spectrum, there are people who are typically avid readers to begin with. These people will read and make sure to understand every single word of text on a web page. We’ll call these “Bookworm Readers.”

On the other end of the spectrum, you have your YouTube/Google-Image-only crowd. Let’s call these folks “Reader haters.”

The internet is obviously a big place. Therefore, you will find a lot on the web representing both extremes of said spectrum. However, assuming you’d like to reach as many people on the web as possible when making your site, have comfort in knowing that most people are SKIMMERS.

Write for Skimmers!

Most of the time, write for people who are thirsty for information, yet not necessarily looking to open an in-depth book to do so. So, what do skimmers, your biggest audience, love? Skimmers love:

  • Bold and bulleted lists like this one that are easy to see and read, without having to look and read for too long
  • Hyperlinks that pop out of the surrounding text, leading them exactly to where they want to go

Keep these things in mind when writing content (or considering NOT to write content) for your website. Again, you’re in the game of marketing. Marketing is largely a numbers game. A large number of the people out there are one kind of people: SKIMMERS. This is why I’m right and not wrong when I say,


For more tips on writing good SEO content, SEO in general, or most anything internet marketing related, check out my company’s website: SEOInnovationsLLC.com.



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Website Design and Development: Check out this video to learn about the importance of having a website in today’s market

The Importance of Having a Website in Today’s Market

For more information on SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or most anything internet marketing related, check out my company’s website: SEOInnovationsLLC.com.

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 For more information on SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or most anything internet marketing related, check out my company’s website: SEOInnovationsLLC.com.

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Twitter Marketing Tips for Food Service on the Fly (Food trucks, food carts, outdoor dining)

For some small businesses, Twitter can be the single and best way to reach a targeted audience. For example, consider a food truck or food cart (back in college, at Rutgers University, we used to call the food trucks, “the Grease Trucks”): If your business is on wheels, most likely you will not set up shop in the same location every day. In fact, staying in one place seems to defeat the whole purpose of having a portable business. Additionally, if you are a restaurant whose business is heavily increased or decreased depending on the weather, i.e., a restaurant on a waterfront, twitter will quickly become your best friend for marketing.

For the food trucks and carts:

1)      Keep customers updated with your frequently changing locations- Simply tweet your location at a given time to make sure return customers, or even new people to the area, know where you are at all times. If you don’t keep open a constant dialogue with your hungry consumers, then how are they supposed to know where exactly to find your great food every day?

2)      Keep customers updated with how much food you have left toward the end of the day- Although that last tip regarding location may be an obvious one for the food truck business owner, consider this: What if you are close to running out of food, yet you still have enough for about thirty minutes? Instead of letting your customers walk away from your truck hungry and disappointed, give everyone a heads up via twitter to avoid turning customers away. This way, even if you are out of inventory, you can still reassure your disappointed customer to hop on twitter tomorrow in order to keep up with your food service on the go. Also, now you automatically have one more follower, making your business and online credibility that much stronger.

For the restaurant owner who depends on good weather for business- Instead of slowing down when the weather gets bad, cash in on the opportunity to draw people in via twitter! Since it would have been slow anyway, it certainly makes financial sense to give people breaks and coupon deals on their meals, appetizers, or drinks. For example, you could do a buy one-get one deal on “Rainy Day Happy Hour” drinks, or perhaps a discount on certain appetizers while you wait for the rain to clear up.

Also, keep in mind that twitter is a great tool for any restaurant:  mobile, stationary, or even those who are unconcerned with the weather entirely. Tweeters also tend to be people who are on the fly, and like to make decisions, such as what to eat, on the fly. If you can tailor your twitter marketing strategy to accommodate the needs of these folks, you will be sure to attract an entire market otherwise invisible to your services.

For more tips about Twitter, Social Media Marketing, SEO/SEM, or Internet Marketing tips in general, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: SEO Innovations, LLC.

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How to Use Twitter “Advanced Search” to Set up Super Local, Local Events

First of all, did you know that you can use twitter to search another tweeter within a radius of as close to 1 mile to your location?! To do this, follow these three steps: 1. Go to: search.twitter.com 2. Go … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Intimidated by Google and Internet Marketing: SEO/SEM Works!

I am recalling one of the feelings I had when first starting my SEO company, SEO Innovations, LLC. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated in my early days of SEO work. Google and other major search engines are such big, powerful and prominent tools in today’s world, so I had some moments of doubt regarding my own power as an individual; especially among all the web-based competition out there. How could I work my way into something as big as Google and the internet as a whole, let alone, compete with the millions of others who are so masterful in the field of internet marketing? Such doubts lead me to think that it would take me at least a year to two years to be able to contend with the big guns.

Alas, my doubts were incorrect (thank God)! This is certainly not to say that I didn’t put in considerable hours to learn what I learned. In fact, I’m glad that during start up, I was able to put aside my other full-time work, in order to make sure I had the proper time to learn as much as I could. Still, after only a few months’ time, my website had already made it to page two of a Google search! For those of you not too familiar with SERP (Search Engine Rank/Results Page): From a web-marketing perspective, getting your site up to page two of a Google search means that your site is doing very well. SERP refers to the pages of listed websites that come up on Google, when using Google to search something. Why is page two such a great place to be for a business/organization’s website? Because page two means that you are out-ranking all of your competition on page three through, well, however many thousands of pages there are on the entire world-wide-web for that particular search. As far as the large majority of consumers are concerned, being on page two means that your site actually exists. In other words, being on page two means that you are now visible. In fact, it has been shown statistically, time and again, that the large majority of people using Google do not even bother looking past page two. I know I rarely do.

The lesson to be learned here is not to be doubtful about SEO, as I first was. Though, I do acknowledge that many people do not have the fortunate opportunity I had: to be able to put aside other full time work in order to learn so much about SEO. Also, the nature of my business was SEO itself, so it’s not too surprising that the time I took to learn was then applied directly to my business and my business’ website. Since I know most people don’t have that kind of time to devote to SEO, I strongly encourage anyone with a small to medium sized business to seek SEO services from a company like mine. We know this stuff, and we take all the time in the world to do it. If, one day, I have a business in a different field, I can tell you right now, that since I won’t have the time to devote to SEO, I will hire someone who does. Again, this stuff works. Give it a few months to a year, and with a proper SEO strategy, your business will truly improve in its search rankings.

For more information on SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or most anything internet marketing related, check out my company’s website: SEOInnovationsLLC.com.


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